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and recycling limited Hefei long-term pick-up recycling waste materials recycling and idle equipment at reasonable prices, and a promise of cash transactions, secure, fast, and strict client confidentiality. Welcoming units have used materials and personal contact to discuss recovery issues, and waste recycling in Hefei, Hefei Hefei, waste recycling, waste recycling, material recycling, material recycling company in Hefei in Hefei, Hefei recycling company, Hefei Hefei scrap, recycling stations, station, rag recycling of second-hand telephone, Hefei, Hefei Hefei second-hand equipment, to provide successful business information business Commission.
with our strong economy, adhere to the principles of honesty, in long-term business activity in the warm and thoughtful service, good business reputation to win the trust of many customers, and get a good reputation in the industry. For a long time, our domestic enterprises, departments and units, hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, research institutes to establish a stable cooperative relationship, as the business continues to expand and grow, partner in the further expansion of the scope.
our team: professional equipped with e-commerce, computer technology, mechanical technology and other Commissioners, as well as a large number of workers, can be good for you, for your staff and you don't have time to worry about, because we can do it for you! Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. Well this can take less than 50 million yuan of all types of waste, demolition of buildings, structures and materials recycling project. Assumed major civil engineering works, city projects, rebuild project, tough plant engineering, high-span steel structure engineering, cooperation unit units up to dozens of countries.