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The main classification of copper

1. Copper: China, commonly known as ' copper ', Japan and Taiwan, commonly known as the ' copper '
a. Common grades: T1, T2, T3, TU1, TU2
b. Features: electric
c. Common uses: electrical switches, motor, electronic parts, air-conditioning piping, flexible torch head
2. Brass: zinc (ZN)
a. Common grades: H59, H62, H65, H68, HPb59-1 (free-cutting brass)
b. Properties: high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance to moisture
c. Common uses: architectural ironmongery, heat exchanger tubes, pumps, power cylinders and liners, munitions,
3. Copper-nickel alloy:
      nickel silver is added to the main elements of nickel copper alloy, silver, metallic, copper-nickel alloy. Copper-nickel unlimited solid-solution of each other to form a complete solid solution, that is, no matter how much percentage of each other, and constant α--single-phase alloy. When the melt into copper nickel, when the content of more than 16%, the resulting alloy color becomes as white as silver and the higher nickel content, more white color. Cupro-nickel in the nickel content is generally 25%.
a. Common grades: B19, B25, BFe10-1-1, and BZn15-20, and BA13-3
b. Characteristics: stable room temperature physical properties of
c. Common uses: medical devices, precision instruments, thermocouple, clock parts, frames
4. Bronze:
a. Definition: the old name: bronze, such as ancient bells, Ding, wine
new definition: purple, yellow, copper-nickel alloy called