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Problems in production of zinc alloys

In the process of production of zinc alloys should note the following five matters:
1. Control of alloy composition starting from purchase alloy ingots and alloy ingots must be based on a special high-purity zinc plus with high purity aluminium, magnesium and copper alloy ingots made of serving factory has strict ingredient standards. Quality is the guarantee of production of high quality cast zinc alloy material.
2. Purchased ingot alloy to ensure clean, dry stacking area, to avoid prolonged exposure in wet, white rust, dirt or factory pollution and increase the production of slag, metal loss. Clean factory conditions for effective control of alloy composition is very useful.
3. Ratio of new and recycled material such as water, recycled materials do not exceed 50%, when new materials: old = 70:30. Continuous remelting of alloys of aluminium and magnesium decreases.
4. Nozzle material when remelted, must be strictly controlled melting temperature no more than 420 c, in order to avoid loss of aluminium and magnesium.
5. Conditional die-casting factory the best Central furnaces melting zinc alloy, alloy ingots and recycled aggregate uniform ratio flux can be used more effectively, keep the alloy composition and temperature stable. Electroplating waste products, fines should be a separate furnace.