Recovery projects

Analysis of scrap pretreatment of slices method

(1) high grade chips
high grade aluminum chips are mainly cast aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy, aluminum, of which the first two grades of many, are hard classification by grades, in a large aluminum plant, usually only after screening to remove mixing of clay can be loaded directly into the furnace. In a small aluminum recycling business, such scrap is manually into cast aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy and pure aluminium, respectively.
(2) low slice
for the low grade of the slice and burned pieces of scrap material (the latter large aluminum plants generally do not) to more complex sorting, because of its composition is extremely complex, addition containing the aluminum scrap, scrap metal such as copper, lead, and other wastes. For this type of waste sorting largely artificial, first screens out dirt and rubbish, and then sorting by hand. Manual sorting operations carried out, mainly by Visual observation and experience with the selection of workers, elected first non-metallic waste and sorted scrap metal, scrap copper and aluminum scrap picked very carefully, due to increased copper production, scrap aluminum as aluminum lines, adjust the composition of raw materials are recycled aluminum smelting. Separation of aluminum scrap is mixed, generally no longer subdivide.
currently domestic Hefei metal recycling waste aluminum of pretreatment basically also no achieved mechanized and automation, main by cheap of artificial, using of tool is magnet, and steel fell, by of is experience, this points selected method efficiency low, and quality poor, cost high, and waste aluminum in the of copper, waste nonferrous metals most are was pollution, manual points selected difficulty big, has far behind. Scrap pretreatment of the need to study and popularize advanced technology.