Recovery projects

Scrap copper recycling and processing methods of did you know

All copper scrap can be recycled. Regeneration process is very simple. First sorted collection of copper. No contaminated scrap copper or copper alloy of the same composition, can be melted down directly after use is heavily contaminated scrap to further refining process removes impurities; for mixed copper alloys-scrap with each other, you will need to melt ingredients after adjustment. Through the regeneration process, the integrity of the physical and chemical properties of copper, making it completely up to date. Recycled scrap copper should be a two-step process, the first step is to dry and burn oil, grease and other organic matter; the next step is smelting, the metallic impurities in molten slag to remove.
as copper scrap can be recycled, which have a higher value. For example, clean class 1 copper prices can reach 90% above the new price of refined copper; brass scrap prices reach the price of brass 80% and more.