Recovery projects

Recycling air conditioning in teaching you how to clean

Air cleaning in general usage, and place of residence are also related to the surrounding environment.
in general air conditioner indoor unit filter is cleaned once a 15-day, but inside yourself in General, not that high demand, cleaning a filter before the winter or summer you can, use 1 month clean air conditioning would be better.
air conditioning outdoor machine generally is winter or summer with zhiqian cleaning once, live to around environment special of need 1 months one times or time more short, for example live in road side, factory of near AH and so on, these place around air pollution more serious, air in the dust, things easy stick out machine thermal device Shang, caused for hot effect bad, to effect has air conditioning of using effect.
indoor home air conditioning and cleaning can be washed, some professional cleaning and clear tools for ordinary people, not necessarily.