Recovery projects

How to recycle plastic products

Everyone knows recycling such as newspapers, beverage bottles and other waste, then, that accumulate in your utility room or basement of the old stuff? How to effectively deal with them without polluting the environment? Today, from the environmental magazine Grist of two experts to answer your questions:
1 shoes
do you have a double or a pile of old too shy by of sneakers donated to charity? Typically, large companies like Nike will recycle it through its recycling agencies sell any shoes, you can get any shoes a Nike shop. These old shoes will be recycled into the company sports ground, such as basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds and so on. Now, they are built with these recycled shoes sports ground in New Orleans. So far, it has about 20 million pairs of athletic shoes in the world through such bodies were recovered.
2, mattress
in many places, mattresses cannot be recycled, can hardly be discarded, some charities such as Goodwill, often refuse to accept them. However, keep in mind that recovery there is a similar word is used. If your old mattress is also available, so you can in the Freecycle Network to find a "new home". This site is like a flea market, or that you don't want useless people, in the eyes of others may be a treasure, on the contrary, you can also find many good things.
3, dry cleaning coat hangers and plastic products
do you know how to get rid of those bad back from the dry cleaners with wire hanger? Some dry cleaners recycle and reuse them, some tailors will be happy to accept them. So, who came back from the dry cleaner's plastic bags? Some dry cleaners recycle them, but you have a lot of other ways, but first, frequented by all the friends noticed the dry cleaning shop, dry shampoo is a suspected carcinogen, in some areas has been disabled. So try those also can provide a laundry shop, or washable washable, finally, best not to buy those that are labeled "dry clean only" clothes.
4, pollution of glass and plastic products
it seems like a silly question, but do you know when a beer bottles embedded in the bottom lime dip or a jar of peanut butter on the how to do it? You can also take these polluted waste to recycling centres and recycling center will be cleared of most of the pollutants. In contrast, paper recycling process is more difficult, and this is the reason why pizza boxes are hard to recycle. In General, the more clean your waste products, while using less energy.