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Various measures of the State Council to promote color development

Recently, Premier Wen Jiabao presided over a State Council Executive meeting discussed and solve difficult, policy measures to promote economic development. In order to boost the economy, ensure close co-ordination between fiscal policy and monetary policy is determined to solve difficult, six policy measures to promote economic development.
the six measures, first of all, there is a country will strongly support development of key industries. To formulate the implementation of non-ferrous metals, iron and steel, automobile, shipbuilding, petrochemical, light industry, textiles, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, and key industry planning. This article first of all confirmed the importance of non-ferrous metals industry on economic development, strongly supports the development of nonferrous metal industry in and around the industry, not only boost the economy, the future recovery of the nonferrous metals industry throughout the current downturn also provides policy support. There is no breakdown of the industry-supported standards, but in the central economic work Conference in December will be held, is expected to have a more detailed policy measures for the economic development in 2009.
"more important materials, resources and storage and business storage, increase and enrich the material reserve. "This measure has also become the focus of the industry. Since October, firmer copper futures market price support, fell sharply, metal futures gold futures market is better than a decline. October end of on had biography China to increased copper, metal of national material reserves, according to statistics recently announced of 1-10 months nonferrous metals production of data, lead, and Tin by fundamentals relative better of effect production increases larger, compared respectively growth 49% and 24.3%, chain respectively growth 20% and 60.6%, are more September data sharply increased; 鎳 of production effect continues to expanded, production compared declined 18.4%, chain declined 8.9%; copper of production action began early explicit effectiveness, Yield fell 8%, fell 7.3% are lower than September figures. From these data it seems that production is to reduce future inventory will increase reserves in China, is to accelerate the consumption of our metal storage volume. Two things at the same time reduced to the high level of inventories is a positive.
accelerate the technological upgrading of enterprises, independent innovation, and mergers. Technical progress in key areas, formulate policies and measures to promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises, support independent research and development, promote high-tech industrialization, support the development of SMEs, they also got widespread attention. In the year 2009 this was meant for economic adjustment situation, enterprises want to fast-track development of people is the need for a certain effort, some companies also raised no layoffs, no pay cuts and worker tide, it takes courage and strength. Nonferrous enterprises in the current context of falling profits, through technological innovation, potential energy, reduce the cost of production and management of independent innovation, will be the focus of next year to consider. BACK PAGE