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E-commerce value chain analysis

E-commerce value chain is not the technology itself, but the business model is that it depends, as well as the combination of information technology and traditional business models. These ultimately depends on the extent of the use of information technology, including the collection, analysis, transmission and sharing of information. Predictably the highest realm of e-business applications, should be the production of knowledge and information, share and transfer not subject to limitations of time and space, e-commerce companies no longer contains the major activities to reduce costs and improve efficiency, but to create value and finding new sources of value growth.
the value of a commodity, value chain theory to some extent can be seen as a commodity the price difference between the cost of the commodities business. How a supply chain into an efficient value chain, improve the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises through value chain integration, is the starting point for developing e-commerce.
value chain are United States Michael Porter in 1985 was the first proposed. Michael Porter in order to analyze the business activities created by the different links in the value and amount of costs, the business activities are divided into two categories: basic and supplementary activities, and design it into a value chain framework. He described as an enterprise value chain to "design, manufacture, sale, delivery, and maintenance of its products" internal processes or jobs. In short, the value chain from suppliers began, until customers realize the value of a range of value-added activities and the corresponding processes.
value chain based on value. Values are provided to their customers for enterprise product or service are willing to pay the price. Value by the total income of the enterprise to achieve revenues reflect the product calibration of prices and the number of businesses to sell the product. Clearly, the business income is more than the cost, is profitable. Goal of implementing any strategy is value created exceeded its cost for the customer.
value chain by the composed value activities and balance. Value activities are carried out by an enterprise, both in physical form and technical boundaries distinct activities, these are enterprise creating products based on customer value. Difference between the total value and value is the difference between the total cost of the activities. Starting point of the value chain is composed of both inside and outside of the enterprise system: within the enterprise are criss-crossing the value creating system consisting of basic and supplementary activities. And each of these activities are interrelated, as each of these activities is to use outsourcing investment, human resources and some form of technology to perform its functions, each value activity are the use and create information. Outside the enterprise, is supplied by the enterprise and the manufacturers, sales channels, greater system consisting of buyers. Enterprise is no longer alone in creating value for customers, but even including the customers work together to create value.
b, e-commerce value chain analysis of enterprises
rise of the knowledge economy, coming of the era of economic globalization, information technology, network, enterprises are faced with a growing number of competitors and increasingly difficult to satisfy customers. Without a new round of competition of enterprises do not feel the worst: do not have a business without much attention, to expand their living space, the challenge to adapt to the new competitive environment. In particular the use of electronic commerce, the traditional business < Mai e-business papers > value chain structure has undergone revolutionary changes. So using new of value chain theory and provides of analysis method, can for enterprise analysis itself of advantage, and mining itself of potential, then take right of strategy lay based, enterprise should again review himself by participation of value chain process, from value system of views to analysis enterprise of competition resources, from more big of range and more wide of vision to analysis and established enterprise of competition advantage.
from function and cost of compared in the, research in which link Shang himself has compared advantage, or has may established up competition advantage, concentrated power foster and development this advantage; from maintenance Enterprise brand angle research which is important of, and core link, retained and enhanced these link Shang of capacity, put not has advantage of or non-core of some link separation out, using market sought cooperation partners, common completed whole value chain of full process.
value creation in e-business model is an indispensable link in the value chain, different is that e-commerce model through the use of electronic markets, IT means, on the value chain in all links, including the business value chain and value chain systems, the coordination and integration of activities, making highlights the value and create a unique competitive advantage.
in e-commerce enterprise value chain of value created activities or auxiliary activities in the, and traditional of value chain different, most of business activities are steering has Internet, all link are can found IT of shadow, like value created activities in the of enterprise logistics, on can using automatically warehouse system for management and coordination marketing link, more can through network full and has efficiency of expand: and like in value created activities of auxiliary link, regardless of is early of technology development, also is human resources management, Can be carried out through the network.
in new of enterprise value chain in the, due to traditional business link of transfer and business management cost of declined, led to profit obviously rose, added profit by three part constitute
(1) due to e-commerce alternative Enterprise basic activities in the of traditional business link produced of returns increments profit
(2) due to e-commerce alternative Enterprise auxiliary activities in the of artificial operation produced of management cost reduced returns
(3) third party logistics alternative Enterprise basic activities in the of purchase, and shipping, and Revenues generated to reduce the cost of warehousing and other activities.
in short, due to e-commerce enable buyers and sellers to achieve real-time interactive transactions, eliminates the middlemen, simplifies the manual aspects of transaction information, thus saving large investments in circulation and maintenance costs and reduce transaction costs. Through the Internet, business inventory, product, customer, and other general information on the Internet for customers 24-hour enquiry not only cost savings, but also appeal to a wider customer base, rewrites the traditional circulation of "rules of the game", and improve operational efficiency. So we want to integrate a new value chain analysis of e-commerce enterprise management, explore profit mode and operation of enterprise development strategies. BACK PAGE