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Interpretation of the circular economy promotion law 90 regulations escorts

At present, China's iron and steel, electric power, cement and other energy-intensive industries advanced level of energy consumption per unit of product than the world average of about 20%; total recovery of mineral resources of 30%, more than 20% less than foreign advanced level; comprehensive utilization rate of 60%, 20% lower than the international advanced level. Recycling volume is the proportion of the total production, compared with foreign advanced level is also much lower.
This is a set of data, it is pleased that China's rapid economic growth at the same time, also clearly recognize that we put in a lot of resources and environmental costs. "These problems have seriously hampered China's development in the future, it is urgent to be addressed through promoting the circular economy. "Then Feng Zhijun, Vice-Chairman of the NPC environmental and resources authority entrusted by the State Council, made at the national people's Congress Standing Committee 29th meeting statement pointed out that the draft circular economy law, developing circular economy can open up new resources for economic development, reduce emissions, to increase economic efficiency.
review process, the draft law on recycling economy changed its name to the draft circular economy promotion law, and on August 29 at the third plenary session of the national people's Congress Standing Committee adopted by the fourth meeting. This unit will come into force on January 1, 2009 the law in order to "reduce, reuse, and recycling" as the main line, and to promote circular economy development made a number of significant institutional arrangements.
insisted on decrement priority
developing circular economy in Western developed countries focus on recycling, and the circular economy promotion law in China adhere to the principle of reduction a priority, specified in the General rules: the development of recycling economy should be technically feasible and economically reasonable premise and contribute to saving resources and protecting the environment, in accordance with the reduction principle of giving priority to the implementation.
Feng Zhijun said that this is because China is in a stage of rapid development of industrialization, high energy and materials consumption, serious waste of resources, front-end reduction potential is very big, therefore with special emphasis on reduction, that is, efficient use and conservation of resources. [Page] except this a principles, cycle economic promote method also to solution energy high, and pollution heavy, and effect China cycle economic development of major problem, on main industrial industry and focus enterprise, clear proposed energy-saving emissions of constraints sex requirements; through developed series incentive policy, support and promoted enterprise, about subject vigorously development cycle economic; focused on play Government, and enterprise and public and industry association, subject in development cycle economic in the of enthusiasm, formed advance cycle economic development of overall Heli.
establishment of circulation economic planning system
planning of circular economy is the country's circular economy development objectives, key arrangement and deployment tasks and safeguard measures, is to evaluate and implement the Government encouraged, an important basis for measures to limit or prohibit.
of circular economy promotion law provides for the planning of circular economy system: firstly, the people's Governments above the county level for national economic and social development plans and annual plans, relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level, such as environmental protection, science and technology planning, should include the development of circular economy. Second provisions of the development planning of circular economy program is developed and clear planning should include resource productivity, reuse and recycling of wastes, such as specific targets.
/> to establish total control system "at present, economic growth in some parts of the excessive consumption of resources and pollution of the environment on the basis of such unsustainable development patterns must have the necessary amount of control measures. "Feng Zhijun said. BACK PAGE