Recovery projects

Recycling chain encounter test, end home appliance trade-in policy

National NPC representative, and TCL groups Chairman Li dongsheng two period in Beijing received South are reporter interview Shi introduced, "we in Tianjin investment t c l aobo environmental limited has production, appliances products split solutions basically percent are can again application, last some residue, on made floor tile, no goods to fill buried, has is gas emissions out is fit specification of, Li dongsheng motioned, shipped out of is waste electronic waste, out of are is useful of information.
TCL external leaks, TCL set of OBO and "trade-in policy very closely.
implementation beginning June 2009 country home appliance trade-in policy, consumer electronics recycling business with the tendering method, successful recovery of enterprises buy JIU jiadian dismantling dismantling processing enterprises sold to specify. Successful recovery of enterprises both large household appliance wholesaler suning, GOME and dazhong, and consumption of home appliances enterprises such as Lenovo, Haier, gree, and such simple recycling enterprises of renewable resources, home appliance trade-in recycling channels complete diversity.
in this way, WEEE recycling polarized to the formal dismantling dismantling processing enterprises. Because the nation give subsidies, consumers willing to scrap or consumption of home appliances to the enterprise market, the formal dismantling enterprise is focused through formal channels recycle old appliances. According to Li introduction, two years to the end of the policy, which coincide with the environmental requirements of dismantling enterprises had reached 102.
, a consuming enterprises, vendors, formal waste home appliances recycling system of the dismantling enterprises preliminarily established.
joined the system in addition to TCL, CHANGHONG also in Sichuan set up the Northeast's largest waste household appliances dismantling Al-Qaida, according to the plan, until the end of 2012, CHANGHONG set up 7 WEEE recycling consumption line, used to dispose of used TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, plastic, PCB, etc. Haier has also set up Qingdao new world ecological recycling technology of waste household appliances dismantling processing center in Qingdao region, such as the establishment of the community of upbuilding.
foreign-funded enterprises are also beginning to plan, last year, Panasonic and other joint ventures in Hangzhou set up new waste recycling plant, this is the Japan consumption of home appliances manufacturers in China, expanded recycling for the first time.
policy of stock, informal enterprises could go hungry
with the "old-for-new end, the recycling industry chain is in danger of being" thrust of the guerrillas dangerous. Formal recycling companies for retrofitting low environmental protection equipment, also issue regular invoices, operating capital is high, so that when we recycle old appliances and small workshops rather than a lack of price weakness.
data, prior to 2009, about 50% was sold to the WEEE-waste market, 40% to friends and relatives, 10% idle at home, there are very few local abandoned.
according to Li dongsheng introduced, prior, waste electronic products recycling, and processing and again application industry spread geographical important concentrated in Tianjin, and Zhejiang Taizhou, and Guangdong Qingyuan, and sea and Shantou, to, these geographical to split solutions waste electronic products and processing Ocean waste mainly, the geographical basically are has spontaneous formed of waste electronic products recycling network, recycling channel important has three species: a is was called "guerrillas, and street of received waste vendors; II is playing with" to old for new of flag, but actually still and "guerrillas collaboration, Centralized recycling waste household appliances merchants and stores; the third is the most credentialed electronic enterprises of abolition and dismantling from the recycling and treatment of waste household appliances. Where the dominant position is the first and the second channel.
trade-in policy prior to the introduction of markets and lively with a small recycling, second-hand goods market rental stores, its contracting business diversity, waste electrical recycling, sale of the second-hand products, and contract maintenance business. Color is new, can indirectly sold to consumers in need, color old sell scrap, perhaps dismantling parts. In this form, separating the link concerns. Thrift Savings, basically taking the most humble equipment and simple intensive techniques of refining precious metals, such as combustion and acid hydrolysis, indirectly poses a great air, soil and water purification.
but these "Daido Takushoku Cooperative Association has great benefits in front-drive, according to Li supply information, public workshops each 1 tonnes of electronic waste, profit 3000~10000 Yuan, while its capital next to zero. Absolutely speaking, the formal dismantling Enterprise large investment, high treatment costs, there are origin of raw materials. "Home appliance trade-in policy was formally ended the end of 2011, while the new policy is not yet implemented, old appliances can be again will offer a ' cheap ' buy the guerrillas, flow to the secondary market and the legal dismantling of WEEE little workshops, came back to that low level of recycling and disposal process. Preliminarily established in China by consuming enterprises, vendors, formal waste home appliances recycling system of the dismantling companies, facing a severe test.
electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo said WEEE recycling task cannot rely solely on the Government's policy, as long as the implementation of market-oriented and set up consumption chain of production, sales, recovery, treatment, can really address issues of WEEE recycling.
policy/> the abolition electrical appliances disposal Fund "each TV set or a midwife
Department of Commerce imposed a 15 Yuan previously leaked, the Ministry of Commerce will inherit the perfection in home appliance trade-in policy WEEE recycling channels formed under, will be classified as" Twelve-Five waste product recycling system establishing pilot, increase support, upbuilding completed application and industrialization. Indicates new foreign investment in the recycling of waste electric and electronic equipment production, was included to encourage foreign investment in key areas.
the abolition electrical and electronic product recycling Management Ordinance has been implemented beginning from January 1, 2011. Latest news is that the regulations supporting the abolition of the electrical and electronic products using methods of Fund collection will be introduced. Draft for soliciting opinions of the method in the request is imposed by the abolition of the electrical and electronic products to consume Enterprise Fund, imposed norms are: TV 15 ÷ 12 ÷ set, washing machine, and refrigerator 7 ÷ 7 ÷ set, room air conditioners, micro-computer 10 ÷ set.
analysis of the video industry association Hao Yabin, abolition of the electrical and electronic products Fund and scrappage subsidies from the biggest difference is that the former consumption business, then comes from the Government, how to develop a good price in the home appliance recycling system is the crux of proportionality.
If the implementation of the method, household electrical appliance enterprises on thin profits, each computer is cumbersome for more capital, TV top, 15 yuan per unit. Li signaled, initiatives for recycling in order to consume Enterprise exemption, encouraged more actively involved in recycling household electrical appliance enterprises dismantling industry, consuming Enterprise I take up obligations.
as the national people's Congress, Li initiatives is one of the slower expansion in previous years upbuilding of applied systems, its initiative to establish export waste home appliance pilot.