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New method for extraction of precious metals from lead

United Kingdom a company has invented a new method to extract precious metals from lead--"the bottom oxygen blowing method". Using this method, can save energy costs more than 60%, also can realize the high speed process.
traditional extraction method--"soot" method, is to the surface of the molten metal into the air stream, lead oxide. That silver will not be oxidized and thus lead slag layer can be removed, purity over 99% of silver. This method of energy consumption, it will take longer.
United Kingdom invented a new method to the metal surface is not blowing air, but use special tilting furnaces, soot-the lower part of the container to the liquid metal into pure oxygen. Using this method, the purity of silver does not decrease but oxidation processing time is much shorter than traditional, and a significant reduction in cost.
was reported, although this approach is based on extracting silver from lead for the purpose of research, but also applies to other precious metals extraction.

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